Here at MJC we specialise in dog training. Our belief is that a well trained dog is a happy dog, and helps to create a life long bond between you and your friend. Not all dogs are placid or know when play times over, like the rest of us they need to be taught this.

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” —Robert Benchley

Here we help you and your friend to overcome a number of issues. Such as:

  • lead pulling
  • toilet training
  • mouthing
  • aggression or fear (whether this is human, cat, dog, etc)
  • chasing or lunging at traffic
  • mowers
  • broom
  • even those who become overexcited by trampolines


I believe each dog is different in personality, physical and mental make up, so the training methods I use for each dog may differ. Therefore I have no set parameters or techniques provided they cause no physical, mental or emotional stress to your dog. I will also teach you how and why your dog reacts negatively to certain situations.

They’re your loyal companions, so we’re here to help.