Hi, I have been working with dogs of all breeds with a variety of issues from lead pulling to aggression for 10 years. This is with private clients and dog rescue organisations to help train re-homed dogs in there new homes who may not have had any previously or may have had behavioural issues. I’ve also worked with some of these kenneled dogs to train them so they can be re-homed.

These include:

Ruff Luck Rescue

Love Underdog Rescue

Aldridge Dog Rescue

I don’t believe in block or bulk booking sessions, unless there is a serious behavioural issue. I will typically get results in one to two hours. I also prefer to have the client take over with confidence during our sessions. This helps you boost your confidence with your dog(s) and allow’s for a more peaceful and balanced life together.

I also offer an in house behavioural service. This is only for extreme behavioural issues where the dog will stay with me for more structured/intense training. As these more serious occurrences can be difficult to retrain in our busy daily lives.

Here’s a brief chapter on how we sometimes read our dogs wrong. Some owners say that their dog is naughty, jealous, nasty, spiteful etc. These can only be attributed to humans, for example a owner comes into a room and the dog is on the sofa or chewing a chair leg and quickly jumps down or stops chewing when it sees you. The owner may say the dog knows it’s done wrong by the way it behaves or looks, but that’s not the case, the dog looks or acts like that because it’s already been told not to use the sofa or chew. it’ not doing it to be naughty dogs don’t have the mental capacity to be naughty in the way we perceive it. This can be common practice in the world we live in today, humanizing our dogs does them a disservice and causes imbalance, this doesn’t mean we can’t give affection and love to our dogs, it just means it should be treated as a dog first.