Dogs and their behavioural issues.

All dog lovers know that dogs are an intelligent and emotional species, the three basic requirements are exercise [physical and mental] , discipline [ ie waiting for their food, walking by your side, releasing a toy when you say etc] affection in the human world is cuddles and hugs etc which with your dog that’s fine on your terms but affection can also be taking your dog to their favourite park, playing search and find etc.

Over the years of being a behaviourist many problems with my clients dogs have arisen through humanizing them, most common words to describe their dog is naughty or bad, dogs cannot be either only humans can be the above. because that would suggest that dogs are moral or have a sense what’s right or wrong which they have not ie your dog doesn’t know that it’s unacceptable to rip your sofa up until you tell it not to, morality is a human construct. Dogs simply act upon how they feel in any given situation, ie a dog could bite another, they don’t then think or feel sorry for what they have done, they always truthfully tell us how they feel by their behaviour or response. Unlike us they have a purity which some of us wish we could attain.



Dominance in our world can have a negative connotation to it, it can be perceived as bullying or picking on the smaller or weakest around us, but dominance in the animal kingdom is how balance is kept and stops a pack or pride or any group of animals fragmenting if there wasn’t a hierarchy ie a dominant leader then chaos would ensue, first and foremost dogs need a stable, dominant leader this gives rise to respect then friendship and what we perceive as love follows.

Respect and trust swings both ways this is first and foremost in my training techniques, a deep friendship then always follows, when people meet and make new acquaintancies and friendships most of us want mutual trust and respect before moving on but when it involves dogs some people go straight to friendship this can sometimes cause many sorts of problems, trust and respect play a part in the canine world as well.